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Tips for Great Girls’ Weekends

Do you feel disconnected from your best and oldest buddies? Are you stressed, overworked and in desperate need of a mini-break? A relaxing girls’ weekend in the country might be just the tonic you need to rejuvenate your relationships, decompress and add a bit of balance to your life. The options for girls’ weekends are truly only limited by your imagination. Follow these suggestions from the professional travel gurus and you’ll soon be packing your bags for a glorious weekend away.

While you certainly don’t need to have a massive budget to enjoy a weekend away, you certainly need to set a budget before beginning the planning process. Take in consideration the costs for transportation, lodging, meals and any additional entertainment expenses. These can range from tickets to the movies or charges for massages. Once your budget has been set, determine the maximum number of hours you’re comfortable traveling for a weekend away. Make arrangements to take off work if the departure or return runs into your normally scheduled business day. It’s strongly recommended to keep travel time below three hours if the plan is to spend two nights away. Otherwise, you’ll be spending a substantial amountof your precious free time on the road or in the air. Account for travel and waiting times to and from the airport. Check out the fabulous deals offered by Groupon coupon for the many different Motel 6  properties perfect for girls’ weekends.

Once a destination has been determined and accommodations are booked, the anticipation begins. Research the different restaurants in the area and book reservations well in advance to ensure the availability of your first choice. Check online to explore the public parks and hiking trails that are available. The local Visitor’s Bureau will have an assortment of information on local attractions. Be sure to have an alternative plan be for outdoor activities should the weather not cooperate.

Finally, commit to spending the better part of the weekend disconnected from your devices. Reconnect with your friends and enjoy the luxury of simply relaxing and decompressing for the weekend. Chances are you’ll all have such a grand time that you’ll make it an annual tradition. Best of luck to you!